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Meet Agency360 at a 2018 Public Safety Event

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Where will we be this year? Here are some of the places you’ll find us in 2018. No matter what the industry, there are hundreds of opportunities each year to attend conferences and training events where career professionals gather to talk about the topics that affect their world. This is no different for public safety in 2018. And our team at Agency360 is planning to attend many public safety events along with you. Our strategy to meet with you face-to-face has expanded more than ever, so be sure to let us know if you’ll be there too.

Agency360’s Event Line-Up (so far!)

Looks for our booth at these events in the next few months:

EMS Today / The JEMS Conference  |  Charlotte, NC  |  February 21-23

2018 ILEETA Conference & Expo  |  St. Louis, MO  |  March 19-21

Indiana NENA/APCO Conference & Trade Show |  Indianapolis, IN  |  April 18-19

NENA 2018 Conference & Expo  |  Nashville, TN  |  June 16-21

Why You Should Attend a Public Safety Event This Year

Yes, it’s hard to get away from the daily grind, and it may take some effort to get approval or funding. Nevertheless, we encourage you to consider breaking away at least once this year to get an external perspective from others in your same line of work. Especially for field training coordinators, there is much to gain from talking with and learning from others in similar roles. You likely have some burning questions that you can bounce off others. You’ll also find yourself offering advice based on the good, bad and ugly inside your own department.

Here are a few reasons to pack your bags and head to a public safety conference this year:

      • Do it for the department. Conferences are a great way to gain fresh insights that you can take back and share with your team. You’re going to hear the latest trends, and it’s very likely at least one of them will impact your organization this year. Be sure to bring the value of a conference or training event back home, and show that it was time well spent.
      • Do it for yourself. You can’t learn everything online. Wouldn’t it be nice to learn from and interact with experts face-to-face? Watching others lead workshops can personally inspire you to make some changes, consider a new approach, or reshape your personal goals. (You might also have some fun.)
      • Expand your network. There is no other opportunity like a conference to make direct contact with experts and peers in your field. Go with the intention to meet new people. You never know when you might find your next trainer, a new vendor, an amazing technology, or opportunities to learn and better serve the profession you love.


The Agency360 team is always looking for new opportunities to meet trainers in law enforcement, EMS, communications, corrections or private security. We can also provide content as a speaker or panelist, so if we can help out at your next event, we would be excited to hear your ideas.

Safe travels in 2018!