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5 Ways FTO Software can improve your Field Training Program

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The days of filling out your case reports on paper and handing in your tickets at the end of the shift are long gone or soon will be.  The 21st century is here, and the digital revolution is hitting public safety at full force.  As your agency and others continue to go paperless with much of their operations, often times the field training program is left out.  Pen and paper (or Word templates that get printed out to retain their signatures) means some agencies are still far away from those paperless dreams. 

However, just as there are significant benefits to moving your computer aided dispatch (CAD) or performance tracking away from the paper documentation world, so too are there good reasons to update your field training officer (FTO) program.  If you’ve never considered automating your field training program with an automated system, below are 5 ways an FTO software can improve your field training program.

Save Time

If you wear multiple hats at your organization, spending time tracking down paperwork, copying information, getting the right signatures, etc. can take you away from your other more important tasks.  It’s not just you either, it also impacts the other supervisors, coordinators, and FTOs as well.  Managing paper files can be so bad, studies show the average worker makes 50 trips to the copier a week.

Easy Access

Information empowers field training officers, trainees, supervisors, and coordinators at all levels to improve their performance.  How can FTOs view an other FTO’s work?  How does someone in administration see what is going on instantly?  Can a trainee on night shift look at their previous performance without asking permission from a couple of people that only work day shift?  Modern FTO software allows you to access your field training program from anywhere on any device.

Reduce Errors

Research shows the human brain can only handle 4-7 items at any given time.  However, a typical daily observation report (DOR) has about 5-7 questions (Name, Date, Report #, Shift, etc.) before you even get into the actual performance categories and all of the other aspects of the form.  Human mistakes are common and hard to defend in court.   Field training software like Agency360’s will find errors, like missing fields and spelling mistakes, before the FTO finishes the form.   The right field training software will help to keep the information accurate and filled out correctly the first time.

Helpful Insights 

Over the years your field training program will collect thousands of probationary officer DORs and other paperwork.  Maintaining all of this information digitally in a central location allows you to look at the data in ways that would have taken weeks or months to compile.   A modern field training software will show trends, look at performance, and allow you to inform the command staff on the status of the field training program with the click of a button.   A good field training software will allow you to look at the data in new ways and see trends with the click of a button.  New tools allow you to not just look at the trainee’s performance, the overall program, and even the FTOs.

Improve Consistency 

Humans have their biases and their tendencies.  A modern FTO software can help ensure the field training process is followed the same way regardless of how stressed or overwhelmed the field training officers are.  Quickly accessing the standard evaluation guidelines while you are filling out the forms and detailed reports that can show how the FTOs are grading can all help to build and show the consistency that is required for a good field training program.

As your agency moves to 21st Century the benefits of technology are not limited to CAD and RMS systems.  Automating your field training program can give you quicker access to the information and improve the quality of the data you are collecting.  Reducing the time you and your FTOs spend on paperwork and having the tools to quickly defend your decisions can take your field training program to the next level.

Want to see how one a modern field training software could improve your field training program?  Click the button below to schedule a free online demonstration.