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Guardian Tracking Partners With Agency 360

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Agency360 is pleased to announce our strategic partnership with Guardian Tracking.  

Guardian Tracking, an industry leading Employee Performance Management Software, and Agency360, a leading innovator in Field Training and FTO Software, announce strategic partnership.

Guardian Tracking and Agency360 are excited to announce their strategic partnership.

“Many of our clients ask us about FTO tracking within our system, which to create, takes time away from our development team when our focus is to continue to improve our employee performance management system. Rather than trying to re-invent the wheel, we’ve decided it’s better to recommend a like-minded company who already does FTO tracking—and does it well,” said Julie Kemble, Guardian Tracking’s Marketing Director.

Both Guardian Tracking and Agency360’s software solutions help improve the standardization, documentation, and consistency in the management of public safety personnel and reduce the amount of time spent on paperwork. 

“In a time when everyone must do more with less, public safety agencies need access to proven solutions that increase efficiency and reduce liability.  Our partnership provides value to our respective customers by raising awareness of these key offerings that will enable them to optimize their workforce,” said Tonya Hanshew, Agency360’s Chief Operating Officer.

About Guardian Tracking, LLC

Guardian Tracking’s employee performance management software was originally introduced in 2007 for law enforcement by law enforcement. Since then, GT has expanded to assist organizations of all types improve their organizational culture. GT tracks employee behavior – both positive and negative, enables transparent and consistent communication, facilitates performance improvement plans, and identifies candidates who demonstrate continued competencies for promotion. Employees are your organization’s greatest asset. Accurately document their performance, reinforce the positive, correct the negative, and create leaders from within.

About Agency360 LLC

As public safety agencies continue to struggle with outdated equipment, decreased labor force, and limited budgets, Agency360 helps simplify the work.  Using a web-based solution with a laser focus on user experience, Agency360 helps law enforcement, EMS, corrections, communications, and security organizations across the country increase quality and minimize risk.   Our suite of integrated solutions, designed with input from users in the field, is easy to use, affordable, and has the flexibility to be adjusted to the way agencies work now and in the future.