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How to Keep Onboarding Employees During a Pandemic

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Agency360 is a helpful tool during uncertain times. This crazy pandemic situation leads to so many questions.  When will this end? Why won’t people listen and stay inside? Why do people need so much toilet paper? Luckily, Agency360 is built for times like this. Our culture of working remotely for many years and using the latest in cloud servers ensures that we are still available to assist and users experience no downtime. 

Our ultimate goal at Agency360 is to make public safety a great place to work, and right now we want to help you keep things running smoothly. Below, are some ways your onboarding process (FTEP, CTO, etc) can keep operating even during the Zombie Apocalypse.

Trainers – Reduce Germs by Using Your Own Device

You rub your eyes and then chat on your phone, you shake someone’s hand and then enter the report on the keyboard. The number of germs that build up on our electronic devices, especially if we share them, could be gross. Utilizing the latest technology solutions, trainees and trainers can use their own device, whether a phone, computer, or tablet, helping to make sure they both don’t go down, ensuring your trainees and trainers can continue to train without touching each other.

 Supervisors – Practice Social Distancing by Reviewing and Approving DORs from Anywhere

At home in isolation, or locking yourself in the supervisor’s office, trying to keep social distance from your coworkers has never been easier. Log in from anywhere to review DORs and provide feedback to your team. Get real-time reports and updates to recognize where new recruits are succeeding and failing in an instant, even though you are trapped in the secure underground bunker. 

Coordinators – Add Training Activities that Cover Personal Protection Equipment and Incident Command Operations

Where do we keep the masks? What do I do if you get sick? These are just some of the many questions trainees and trainers might be asking these days. In the future, you may want to cover some of these topics in the Field Training Program with all new hires. With Agency360 you can customize the system on the fly, including the ability to add special training tasks on the fly.  With just a few clicks you can ensure every new hire gets training on the topics they need to know to operate in a solo capacity.  

We do recognize the impact this pandemic has had on not only your agency but your communities as well. Even during a nationwide slowdown, you can ensure your agency stays up to speed and keeps your onboarding programs on track to prepare recruits for being on their own. Agency360 is here to support you in any way we can.