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Agency360 now integrates with Microsoft Active Directory

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Using Agency360’s Field Training Software has just gotten easier as it now integrates with Microsoft’s Active Directory. We are thrilled to offer this feature that benefits our users in many ways, not only does it offer streamlined system management but also provides single sign-on, internal security policies, and controlled access for your network. 

Many internal IT departments use Active Directory to store user accounts, passwords, file shares, computers, printers and security groups and each of their respective permissions. The purpose of Active Directory is to verify security authentication allowing only authorized users to log on to network computers. 

Benefits of Agency360’s Active Directory Integration

Single Sign-On

Instead of having to remember how to login to your computer and also remember your Agency360 login information, with the Active Directory Integration all authentication occurs on your Active Directory domain server. This allows you to login once through Active Directory and immediately have access to Agency360 as well.  By just logging into the assigned computer, the user will now have access to all of their integrated applications, which now includes Agency360’s Field Training Software.

Internal Security Policies

The rules for passwords and logins are constantly changing as different organizations embrace different policies. For example, for security purposes many government agencies require a password change every 90 days to ensure their domain doesn’t get compromised. With Active Directory, all user accounts and passwords are stored in one place instead of individual computers and applications, allowing your IT department to easily enforce password rules throughout the organization, and not have certain software products that are the exception to the rule.  

Controlled Access

Active Directory allows IT administrators to control access to your internal network. If you have a new employee, your IT department can now set them up and give them access to the Agency360 platform as well as other programs on your network.On the other hand, if you have an employee leave or retire, it’s in one centralized location for your IT department to remove them from the network, including their access to Agency360.


If your IT department wants Agency360 to integrate with their Active Directory system, reach out to our support team to see if this new feature can help.